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Semester Takeaways

Last updated on November 13, 2019



CT: We are back with our final episode of Yo, Is This Accessible? We are just going to recap what we have gone over through the course of this semester. I am here with both Matts. I’m Carter Todd obviously, you know that. So we are just going to go over our previous episodes because this going to be our last go around. Matt and Matt, it has been a pleasure doing the show with you guys.


MS: Yes, It’s been great.


CT: What kind of takeaways can you put together from our time doing the show?


MD: I think this is really interesting. It’s too bad that we don’t have more time to be honest.


MS: It feels like the ending just crept up on us.


MD: Yeah, it’s already May, it’s May 1st today. It was interesting to go through our different buildings. I think we learned a lot of stuff. I would have liked if we could got to the facility people/people on campus to talk, but they didn’t want to come on.


CT: We tried.


MS: The admissions people or disability services.


CT: We received some push back.


MD: That would have been a great one.


MS: That would have been a great episode.


CT: It could have been cool , but it’s still a new thing. This podcast will be passed on to another group of Saint Joe’s students, so maybe when it’s a little more established they can get them when they have more influence/reach. I agree that it was interesting. It gave us time to think about things that we normally don’t consider on a day to day basis and kind of forced us to be in situations where we can’t brush off or ignore certain problems. We felt that we were responsible for looking for the answers and holding the University accountable at times.


MD: That is the interesting part. I am interested to hear what you guys have to say. This campus is accessible, but I think we can all agree there is improvements.


CT: That seems to be the general consensus based on our own findings and people we’ve talked to from around campus; students we have talked that have had personal experiences. Yeah, it can be better but they do a good job, it’s thought out to an extent.



MS: Some buildings definitely need it more than most, O’Pake or Barbelin those are definitely ones that are lacking.


MD: Me and Matt talked about this last podcast, I think at the end of this we need to do top five least accessible buildings on campus.


CT: Okay do you want to start that now?


MD: We can start that in a second but the one thing I wanted to ask you guys. What is one thing do you think the University could improve with over the summer? Something that will not take too much time and can be adjusted sooner rather than later.


CT: Something they can implement more easily, I would say a ramp. Paving more ramps and making campus easier to get around in terms of taking weird backwards routes around campus if you are going around in a wheelchair.


MS: That was going to my answer as well.


CT: You could pave (ramp) over and just close off a sidewalk for a week or two and it could be taken care of. It it just about investing the money and time.


MD: Yeah I think you got a point just about going from Mandeville to the science center with all the hills and stuff. There are no ramps and that is true something little like that. Okay I guess we will do the top five, now this is tricky I think number five. Let’s start thinking of a few buildings then narrow it down. Let’s start with Opake which will probably be later on.


CT: Barbelin is probably up there and pretty high.


MD: Yeah. I think Barbelin is probably one or two. Do we think Bronstein is in this?


MS: It could be.


CT: Bronstein is pretty bad.


MS: Like you can not get to the second floor. Yeah it is very hard.


MD: Okay so right now we have Barblein, Opake, Bronstein, Science center.


CT: Science center is interesting because they do have a elevator. You only have that one but the hallways are pretty wide though.


MD: I don’t know I wish they had something else.


MS: Like the classroom setup is hard and the stairs are steep.


CT: High tables like where you run experiments on the science center. Yeah it is definitely to navigate to use in general.


MD: I wouldn’t really put Mandeville in there because its a newer building, I wouldn’t put Merion in there


CT: Campion’s okay, I would say Campion could be like 5ish, mostly because of how much everyone needs to use it.


MD: Even Bellarmine has an elevator, so let’s put Campion 5. I’d say Science Center’s 4.


CT: 3 is Bronstein


MD: I think that’s fair. Now is it Barbelin or O’Pake?


CT: Barbelin’s 1 in my book


MS: I’d say O’Pake probably 2 Barbelin probably 1


CT: You got kids in Barbelin that can’t go to class. So 5 Campion, 4 Science Center, 3 Bronstein, 2 O’Pake, 1 Barbelin. Saint Joe’s figure it out. Is there anything else you guys want to cover?


MD: Keep the podcast rolling, next year I want to hear this, maybe we can be a guest or something


CT: Alright, thanks everybody for listening and hopefully we got plenty of future listeners who can hopefully come back to this


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