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Audible Accessibility

Last updated on November 13, 2019



MS: Welcome back to another episode of Yo, Is This Accessible. I’m Matt

MD: and I’m Matt

MS: This week we looked at some of the buildings on campus and rated their hearing and seeing accessibility.

MD: Kind of similar to the episode 2, I’ll go first and talk about different buildings. We talked about Barbelin. First off, Barbelin is pretty tough with no elevator access. Specifically, we looked for braille, which is one the class signs. This is interesting. It is very small, but as Matt, Carter, and I will talk about, there is a lot of braille on campus; which is a good thing. There are only certain buildings that don’t have it. For example, the science center does not have it. Interesting enough, the class chairs are far away away. There’s no speakers inside the classrooms or in the halls. Also, Bellarmine has ok lighting in the classroom. The classes are sometimes small so if someone’s coming in a wheelchair, it can get tight and you need to get there early. So it might be harder for a student who cannot see. I think that’s the most important thing across campus. I think Barbelin and Bellarmine aren’t the worst buildings on campus, but Barbelin is better than Bellarmine. There’s definitely improvements. So Matt, how was your side?

MS: I looked at the same buildings as I did in episode 2, which are Opake (the gym) and Merion (a classroom building). I found some of the similar trends from episode 2. Opake did not have elevators or anything like that and they don’t have anything for people that are not able to hear or see well. Which honestly does not surprise me. That is something that they can work on. Merion on the other hand (similar to your buildings), have braille on the classroom signs; which is very helpful. Some of the classrooms are bigger, so if you have trouble seeing, maybe sit towards the front. For example, my web design class has a huge classroom, so that is a thing you can look at in terms of accessibility of use.

MD: Would you say Merion is decent?

MS: Yeah, it is decent.

MD: Did you do Opake?

MS: Yeah, I did Opake.

MD: What did you think of Opake? Opake in general is not what it’s meant to be. Was there braille?

MS: No braille. There was like nothing for accessibility purposes. There is nothing for wheelchair or braile.
MD: We definitely need to pick what is the least accessible building on campus.


MS: I think its O’Pake, its gotta be.

MD: It is definitely up there.

MS: They have a wheelchair ramp but that is pretty much it.

MD: That or Barbelin?

MS: Could be this building (Bronstein Hall)?

MD: This one could be up there. We need to get our top five and that is three up them right there. O’Pake is a mess, just in the sense that you have to walk through the whole gym to get to the other side. The fact is they need to redo the building but they do not want to.

MS: It is kind of weird building in general. The whole layout is bizarre

MD: Yeah it’s weird we keep on getting new campion stuff but you can’t get a new gym? You can see they really need another gym because there are two little steps to get in for a wheelchair. The braille is small everywhere from Alim’s notes and even in Mandeville where I went and I will talk about with Carter in a little while but it was interesting how they don’t really care. It seems like the braille is only there for a little purpose. Even in the science center there is only two instances of Braille.

MS: I do not think that building is very accessible either.

MD: Okay we will continue.

End of first part 5:44

CT: Okay we are back with more Yo it this accessible? Carter here with Matt. Matt what other buildings were you checking out this week?

MD: Ok, so I did similar ones I did a few weeks ago, the science center and MAndeville. Ok so quickly with the science center there is not much with braille or anything with hearing specially. The biggest thing was that there was hardly any braille across the building for example the room signs do not have braille. The only thing that I could find was the access to the roof and there was a braille symbol on the first floor and there is emergency phones there is some braille. It is not very access in that instance. The hallways are small, I felt like the lighting is dark and could be a problem for someone who already can not see. I thought they could have a guard rail or something and in Mandeville too. Mandeville has braille by every room door. Also what Alim wrote in his notes and i thought was so true that everywhere you look (braile) it is pretty small. Its there because we have it but if you actually need it then it could be a problem.

CT: The thing with Braille, I have never been in a position that I had to use it or anything but how is that going to be a way for someone to find a room? In my opinion.

MD: By touching it?

CT: I get that but at the end of the day but how are you going to know where the Braille is?

MD: Absolutely, you need assistance

CT: I get reading braille and being able to read that way, being able to read a book that way or anything like that, but being able to find a room that way seems kind of, if you’re gonna find a room that way you’re just gonna have somebody help you out.

MD: I think here you need someone to help you out.

CT: Like imagine going one by one, each room to each room

MD: And you don’t even know where it is, if there’s no guardrail or anything like that, you dont even know where the hallway is

CT: Definitely, yeah. So I checked out Campion and the library, and one thing I thought was interesting that I didn’t even consider til I was actually doing it was, as many people as there are hearing deficient, there are also a lot of people with disabilities that cause them to be triggered by sound. So we have a lot of people being helped at the Kinney Center on campus, and it’s very easy for people with autism to get triggered and riled up or easily upset by loud noises, so when I was going in these communal areas thinking, somebody could easily get triggered by sound. Campion is a very loud building, I guess the fish bowl, but there’s no sanctuary quiet zone that you’d like to be in. The library is super spacious so if somebody can’t see or–first of all there are quiet study rooms, as far as campion goes, its pretty well lit, theres no microphone assistance for someone with a hearing aid, I wouldn’t think it’s a requirement of campion workers to be able to do ASL or anything like that. I wouldn’t say the buildings are particularly unequipped to handle somebody that has a hearing or sight disability. You got anything else for us?

MD: You have a point about the noise triggering. I think in Mandeville that can be an issue if you’re trying to study. There are some quiet rooms. If you’re in Campion itself it can be pretty rowdy, especially lunch time.

CT: Alright, well it was great covering all these topics, hopefully you got something out of the episode and we’ll see you next time on Yo, is this accessible? Have a good day.

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