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Meet the Team

Last updated on November 13, 2019

*Intro Music*

P: Hey everyone, so it is Paige and Gavin here for our last week at the effortlesspodcast.

G: Wow. We have come such a long way.

P: Isn’t it such a quick semester? Recording everything it is a little bit crazy honestly.

G: I’m really going to miss this. The podcast isn’t going away by any means. this is an ongoing project but we have reached the end of our time working on this officially…

P: It’s so sad.

G: It is sad. I hope they will actually have us on in the future that would be kind of cool.

P: Oh yeah we could do a guest appearance. “The original hosts.”


G: I’d totally come back, but yeah sadly this is gonna be the last episode where Paige and I are your gracious hosts. Of course the podcast will be returning in the fall.

P: Yep.

G: With a new team, which is gonna be great. But I think today we are gonna be taking the opportunity, as a team, producing effortless to talk a little bit about some of the insights and takeaways we have had. Interviews, some of the people who have been helping through all of this; writing it and putting it together.

P: Your behind the scenes team!


P: We are just the face!

G: Exactly what you never thought you would see!

P: Exactly! And we also wanted to take this time like Gavin said to truly thank everybody for following along on this journey with us and listening to our podcast and kind of coming with us on this journey about learning more about accessibility and universal design. Like we always said, and we have always been very open with you guys, we are learning, we always have been and always will be. Hopefully way further than this podcast, which I think is one of the best things Gavin and I have learned about it, and we are excited that a new team will take over in the fall. Because with a new team comes new ideas, perspectives, thoughts, people, and a whole new podcast. So we are excited to see where they take it in the fall but for now we just wanted to thank you guys and talk a little bit about our favorite things of filming effortlessand what we have learned.

P: So personally one of the biggest things that I learned was that it made me more aware. I always felt like I was a very aware students just in the means of cultural sensitivity, etc… Just sensitivity in general and compassion, et cetera. But when it came to learning about accessibility and universal design it never even really occurred to me how much people have to sometimes work harder to do the same exact thing, doing in terms of physical aspects or a mental aspect right? And while I have read about it and understood it, I never really put myself in their shoes and this podcast really gave me that opportunity. Next time I am walking up Hawk Hill, to think that this could be really really hard for somebody else and what we could do to change that. I was hoping to be able to incorporate one of my favorite places in the world, Inglis House, which was on last week, it was really exciting because I think that we are going to partner with them in the future and they are really excited to continue with next year’s team. We wish we would have been able to work with them a little bit sooner in the show, but yours truly just never made the connection which is kind of ironic.

G: (Laughs) We got there!

P: We got there eventually and they are looking forward to working with the new effortless team and our professor, Dr. Steven Hammer, come next fall.

G: What she said, honestly!


G: I feel the same way, I think, you know, this is, this experience has taught me more about this social topic than I really ever thought I would know. And it’s been an amazing experience. You know, I have been studying law a lot over this past year and I have, one of the things that I have heard from people who go to law school is that it kinda teaches you to think in a way that you can’t turn off after you leave, you know you kinda see everything in terms of the law and things like that. You know, what could be a lawsuit and things like that. And I kind of feel the same way about this, it’s sort of like…as a more able bodied person, I now…knowing what I know, look at the world in a distinct way. And think about it in terms of how, how is this gonna be harder for somebody who is different than me? And I think that’s kind of a beautiful thing, you know. I never really expected to learn and I’m glad I did. I’ve learned a lot about the different dimensions about this and how much individuals have power to make change in this area. You know, it’s not meant to be something that is dealt with only by the people who experience it. You can be an able bodied person who sort of outside of that community and still do something. That’s kinda what we’ve been trying to do and what I hope we’re gonna keep trying to do, and I think that’s valuable to know, I think that’s something we want you, whoever’s listening to this podcast to take away.

P: Yeah I couldn’t agree more. And it honestly kinda taught me a little bit more about how I can apply that to my own life, you know as somebody like Gavin said, as a very able bodied, I kinda learned how if I’m advocating so much for other people then I can advocate for myself as well, and for other students on this campus and in my own personal life and in my professional life, I can advocate and kind of stand up for myself. We’re doing a pretty OK job of doing it for other people right now, so I think we can always kinda take that to our own lives and in a different way and, I think that’s just a life lesson that I think we are learning as we go, and we are so thankful to have this opportunity and this assignment which, quite frankly, was a little confusing at first, when we first got this assignment to kind of make our campus accessible. We were a little shocked but you know, as kind of a segue, we encourage everybody to check out where you can kinda see some other aspects that the other teams, because this class is divided into teams. We are the podcast team, effortless team, and there’s a blog team, a social media team, and a bunch of other wonderful, wonderful students who have been working. A 3D mapping team I forgot to mention.

G: And web design.

P: A web design team, so please please please, check out the website, learn a little more about every person that’s been a part of Project Bloom, even if they weren’t directly on the effortless team, we’ve all had kind of a toe in this project, and I think it came together really well.

G: Yeah, and things are going to be going on during the summer too, I think the blog is gonna continue, there’s gonna be more stuff added to the website…lots of stuff in the pipeline. So it’s worth it to keep track of it, even though we’re not here, and I know you’re gonna miss us.

P: You guys are so gonna miss us, I know it. I’m just 100% positive. So again, we just wanted to thank everybody so much, and we would love to introduce you guys to the rest of our team, they’re gonna come into the audio booth and kind of get to introduce themselves, and give you a little bit of insight into their experience with effortlessas well. Let you guys hear some new voices for our last episode.

G: Enjoy!

Karleigh: OK so I’m Karleigh, and I’m a junior, and…my role in the podcast first and foremost was like, the “chair” of the podcast. So I was making sure the group ran efficiently, everybody got to the places they needed to be at the right time. We had scripts, transcriptions, all of it, audio was good, editing was good. But my direct role with the podcast was scripting, so Gabby and I would sit down every week and script the podcast, which…we ran into a couple issues in the beginning, but we started including Gavin and Paige in the scripting process in order to make it sound like them, because we’re not the ones recording, they are. So that was mainly what my job was, and I also helped out with transcribing the podcast after we had, like, a finished product episode for each week.

G: So what was your favorite episode or topic to work with?

K: I think topic-wise, public safety was my most interesting one because that’s our school, and like, we want to know the drama of public safety and what they’re not doing right and what they can do better, but I think episode-wise my favorite one was the first one, because that’s when Gavin introduced the line, like “There’s a lot of effort into making things effortless,” and I think that’s super emblematic of what this whole process has been like for us, and what it should be moving forward. So that one I think hands-down is my favorite.

I’ve learned to look at things a little bit differently, which sounds super-cliche, but I have class in that room in Barbelin that’s like a big slant, it’s like the seminar room, and it’s like, in-between floors, and I just think every time I’m in the class, in what ways is this not accessible? It’s difficult to hear if you’re in the back, especially if the professor’s soft-spoken like mine is. It’s difficult to get in and out of the room if you need to leave for the bathroom, it’s nowhere near a women’s bathroom, it’s nowhere near a water fountain, the desks are not suitable for lefties because they’re little seminar chairs where you fold the desk over and put your arm on, so they’re not suitable for people who are left handed, and there are a bunch of other things. The lighting’s bad, they’re not suitable for different learners, different abilities, different bodies, none of it. So I’ve really started to pick things up, like, around my world and notice how things are not accessible for everyone.

Gabby: Hi, I’m Gabby, I’m a junior, and basically what I did for the podcast was I was a script writer each week. So beginning of each week, me and Karleigh would sit down, figure out what we wanted to talk about. We’d do some research, we’d you know, talk with the group and get their perspective and figure out what they wanted to do for that week, what direction we wanted to move in, then we’d put it together, send it over to Gavin and Paige, and they’d take it away.

G: What was your favorite topic to work with during the podcast?

Gabby: My favorite episode was the one where we brought Ryan in, and he was talking about his stories, and like the time when he had a broken, whatever it was…a leg or whatever. He had issues getting around campus, and I just loved how he gave a really blunt perspective. He didn’t hold back, he kind of just said, “these are the issues” and no one really thinks about these things. I never even thought about how it might be difficult to sit in a desk with your leg in a long cast, it’s really difficult, it’s not something we think about. Just those small little things are really important to hear, so I’m really glad we got that student perspective.

During the project there was definitely a time where like, I had a big moment where I was like, “wow, the problem starts here, this is what we’ve been talking about.” So me and Paige were walking around campus and we went into the Honors house, and we just walked around downstairs, it was pretty accessible, then we went upstairs and there was an overly steep flight of stairs, no elevator, and it was mostly offices, but we asked the woman what she would do if she had to meet someone in a wheelchair, and she gave that typical, “oh we’d just come downstairs to them.” And me and Paige just kind of gave each other a look, like “this is where the problem starts.” Someone might feel bad if meetings and things have to be arranged and moved to different buildings just because of them, it shouldn’t be the case. They should be able to go anywhere a person who’s not disabled can go, there should be a way to get them up like a lift, or an elevator…I think that was a big moment I had where I was like “wow, this is where the problem starts.”

Pete: My name is Peter Spadaccini and I was in charge of the audio editing during our podcast here, at the effortlesspodcast.

Gavin: What were some of your favorite topics, or your favorite episode to work with?

Pete: I enjoyed the episode they talked about public safety a lot, I thought it was really really eye opening to see the force we call public safety to protect us and support us and kind of expose them on what they’re about and how they play a bigger role in accessibility on this campus. I like seeing that.

I learned a lot about accessibility in general and universal design. It really opened my eyes, the project, about how universal design is implemented everywhere into a campus, and what St. Joe’s lacks and has in those aspects.

Gavin: Alright, so thanks to everybody on our team for sharing all the insights and experiences you had working on Project Bloom and working with effortless…I think Paige and I both agree we couldn’t have done it without all of you, all you listeners and everybody else on the team. And you know, we’ve known each other through this process, this has been one of the best group experiences I’ve ever had, for sure…and it was a group effort. It was great to grow with everybody else on the team.

Paige: Couldn’t have said it any better myself, this has truly been one of the best teams I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of, and one of the best co-hosts I ever could’ve imagined, so thank you Gavin! It can be really hard when you put a bunch of creative people together to come up with one vision and one thing that you want to achieve so it’s really great that we has such a ream that was willing to work with each other and really make this podcast happen for the benefit of being an advocate for accessibility and universal design. So once again we’d like to thank all of listeners for taking the time to learn with us and to grow with us, and we hope you guys learn just as much as we do, and pick it back up in the fall.

Gavin: Oh yeah absolutely, and thank you Paige for being able to talk when I’m just stuck here thinking about things…I appreciate that.

Paige: Any time, you’re a rock star.

Gavin: Thank you. So are you. And you guys are all rock stars for listening to this. We appreciate you, we hope you’ll stick around, we hope you’ll do a little bit of something in your personal life around this issue. So…stick around for good times ahead. And thanks for listening.

Paige: Thanks so much for listening. Remember it takes effort to be effortless.

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