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That’s a wrap!

Last updated on November 13, 2019

In this last post, we wanted to talk about how we felt working on a project like this over the last semester. This was a type of project that none of us had ever done before, and so we felt that it was important to reflect on how it went this semester, what we learned and what we liked/disliked about the project. We also wanted to ask the people of the podcast group to comment on their feelings towards the project, especially since our two groups worked pretty closely together this semester.


Blog Group

Pilar (left) and Lauren (right).

Lauren: Overall, I really enjoyed working in the blog group this semester. I enjoyed conversing with the different people we interviewed to learn about the different perspectives about this campus. Individually, we each have our own view of things, so to learn about how other people view campus and how it affects them was eye opening to me. I think my favorite post to write was the one about admitted students day and admissions, just because that was something that I didn’t think about when talking about accessibility on our campus. How does it affect prospective students and their families and how does that affect the number of students that come here?

Pilar: In the beginning I was not sure if we were going to be able to handle this part of the project by ourselves because we were only 2 people in the group. However, we did a really good job working together and our ideas were pretty similar too. Definitely, I had a positive experience working for the blog group, it was fun and really interesting to share thoughts with another person. Also, the whole idea of Project Bloom allowed me to learn more about what inclusivity and accessibility truly means.


Podcast Group


Gabby: I was the scriptwriter each week. I did research with Karleigh each week to decide what we wanted to talk about. My favorite episode was the one where we brought Ryan in and he was talking about his stories and he had a broken leg and the issues he had getting around campus. He gave really blunt perspective, he didn’t hold back. I didn’t think about how it might be difficult to sit in a desk when you’re leg is in a really long cast, it was even those little things that were important and really gave me perspective so I’m glad we interviewed him and got student perspective.



Karleigh: I was the chair of the podcast, making sure the group ran efficiently, made sure everyone came to places on time, that we had scripts and transcripts, as well as good audio. I worked with Gabby throughout the scripting process. We had ran into some problems in the beginning, but when we started to include Gavin and Paige it really helped. Topic wise, I thought talking about Public Safety because that’s our school and we want to know what is going on.  I think my favorite episode though was the first one because Gavin introduced the line, “there is a lot of effort in making things effortless”, because it was super spot on in what this process has been like for us and what it should be like moving forward.



Pete: I was in charge of the audio editing during our podcast here. I enjoyed the episode when they talked about public safety a lot. I thought it was interesting to hear about the force we call public safety to protect us and support us and kind of expose them on what they’re about and how they play a bigger role in accessibility on this campus. I learned a lot about accessibility and universal design, it really opened my eyes about how universal design can be implemented anywhere and how Saint Joseph’s lacks and has in those aspects.

Thank you to everyone who listened and read what we talked about this semester. Project Bloom will be back again in the fall of 2019 to continue to grow in our research of accessibility!

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