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SJU Open Accessibility Forum

Do you want to make a difference on SJU’s campus? Or maybe you want to share your ideas about how to make our school more accessible? You will have a chance to do all this and more on Thursday, December 5, at the Open Forum in Bronstein Hall on Lapsley Lane, starting at 11 am (free period). Steven Hammer’s Digital Storytelling class will be holding this forum as the group has been studying accessibility and the concept of inclusivity for the past semester, specifically focusing on these issues as they appear on SJU’s campus. Students from this group will discuss how they think that new features could be implemented in order to make our campus more accessible, but they also need other ideas from you! If you know someone with any form of a disability, if you have ideas about how we can make SJU more inclusive, or if you are just curious to find out more on the topic of accessibility on our campus, please attend SJU’s first Open Forum on Accessibility! 

In addition, food and refreshments will be provided to everyone that attends the forum. SJU has made considerable strides in the past year in regards to accessibility, such as the new ramp by Sweeney Field, but there is so much left to be done. Please consider supporting current and future Hawks by participating in the forum and sharing your ideas. After all, a campus that is accessible to those with disabilities is accessible to everyone!  


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