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What are we doing?

Project Bloom is a multimedia site that provides maps and resources for people interested in the accessibility of our campus, explores issues of accessibility and design through our blog and podcast, and engages community members. Other projects such as Vanderbilt University’s Mapping Access, as well as the University of Pennsylvania’s Accessibility Mapping Project, have been inspirations for ours. We wanted to make our own project to expand accessibility and hopefully inspire others to think about accessibility where they live.

Our maps: Our interactive campus map is a resource that aids in exploring SJU’s grounds to show what areas are accessible and which are not. Also, check out our accessibility rubric to assess the accessibility of any building.

Our Blog and Podcast: Our podcast episodes and blog posts dive into the ideas of what makes something accessible and why some campuses are more accessible than others. We will also conduct interviews that broaden our understanding of different bodies at SJU and their experiences with accessibility.

Accessibility = Inclusivity

There are many different ways to view accessibility, but what is most important to note is that it should be intersectional. The best design is inclusive to everyone. A common misconception is that accessibility only applies to those who utilize wheelchairs, but it’s so much broader than that. Project Bloom relies on several different perceptions of accessibility as its foundation for growth and learning. 

Undertaking this mapping project allows the students and faculty at Saint Joseph’s University to discover where there is a success, and where there is room for improvement. 

Project Bloom is continuously growing. Follow us as we continue our journey this semester on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get more behind the scenes access to project bloom.


Due to COVID-19, this year Project Bloom’s committee members had to do everything online.

A zoom screenshot of the fall 2020 section.
A zoom screenshot of the fall 2020 section.


Who We Are!

We are upperclassmen in the Communication and Media Studies department at Saint Joseph’s University enrolled in Dr. Hammer’s Digital Storytelling course. We are passionate about improving our campus community and making it more accessible to everyone. Incorporating ideas of intersectionality and accessibility, and guided the principle of universal design, we strive to find ways to make the campus more accessible for everyone regardless of the level of ability. This is a video interview with Steven regarding why he created Project Bloom and how he sees it in the near future.